Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Charlotte’s Birthday PARTY!

We decided to actually throw Charlotte a party. It was such a production the year before we thought, oh let’s wait until she’s 8…you know the big event type of birthday. Then we thought, well there’s only a few years where she’ll get or even want to have one, so let’s just do it. And it turned out to be easy going and not too stressful.
We did it the Saturday after her real birthday and that was nice. I kept it simple, of course stayed with the Minnie Mouse theme but made cupcakes and bought Little Caesar’s 5 buck pizza! I hope they had fun, cause it sure seemed like they did.
I made this pinata! I did! If you want to make one too, here’s the LINK.
All the kiddos!
Playing pass the parcel! Always a big hit Smile
I think all the kids had a hundred turns trying to break this thing apart. I guess I did a really good job. Winking smile

Lisa and Kate. Lisa is the bestest person ever! Always takes care of us and the kids. Especially at church. But she and her family are dear friends. I swear she gave Charlotte the biggest present in America.


grannie said...

I love these pictures!! It looks like so much fun! Jessica, the two pictures I want are the ones where they are taken from the back, and then the one where they are sitting on the wall. Thanks!! I need them for a class assignment.

Eric and Jenny said...

Well I know Luke had fun it's all he talked about for the whole week after. Charlotte's birthday this and Charlotte's birthday that....

I am laughing cause it seems like in every picture he has his stupid Mickey with him. Sorry about that Jess I tried making him leave it in the car. He wasn't having that!

Hope you are doing okay today and maybe feeling better, Jack too!

Crystal said...

love the little cupcakes, they look cool. Good on you for throwing the party. Plus lets not forget, party = presents ha ha ha. I want to know what Lisa got her?? And I also want a pizza now.

Paula said...

Looks like the kids had a lot of fun - you are so creative Jess! Ilove cupcakes and those look so good.