Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Here she is!

I want you all to meet
Chanel Aroha Ardern
June 3, 2012
21 inches
8lbs 15oz

She has dark hair! And a ton! Just like Charlotte did. A beautiful complexion and she looks like Kate and Jack and Charlotte :)
She waited until the day after the piano recital to make her entrance. What a good girl.
She is so sweet and has a sweet, calmness about her.
Charlotte is loving her and holds her all the time. She's looking forward to changing her first diaper.
Jack also loves to hold Chanel all the time. He is so excited to have her home.
Kate loves to blow her kisses and to hold her and to say "love you baby love you" and "cute" to her.
I had a 2 contractions in a 1/2 hr on Sunday morning starting at 9am...well, that's when I rememberd 2 of them. haha. I texted Wade to let him know this might be it/the start. And I was worried how far I was dilated since I was at 4cm the Thursday before. I wanted to have a baby at the hospital! So I figured I should just be evaluated.
We arrived, they checked me and I was a 5 almost 6. The on-call dr (mine happened to be out of town) came in and said, well, no point in sending you home!  There was only one other patient on the floor and she was about to be sent to Mother/Baby floor. So they gave me my IV within 45 min of arriving, epidural 10 minutes later, broke my water soon after that to get those contractions more together. I ended up being the only one on the floor for several hours. I felt pretty special ;) Things were going fine. The contractions weren't doing much after awhile, so they go the pitocin going a little bit. Of course, Chanel didn't like it. I had some oxygen and they could tell there was something causing her to stress besides the pitocin. Which actually the cord was around her neck (this is all so familiar...just like Charlotte's labor just a lesser degree of problems). We stopped the pitocin and Chanel was happier. Kept the oxygen going and my contractions got better without the pitocin. I guess I just needed a little kick!
The on-call dr was so awesome and funny. And 3 nurses were helping out because you know, they didn't have anyone else to take care of! So it was a fun, happy atmosphere. Wade, me and my nurse had bets on the time she would be born. Wade guessed 3:35pm, I said 4pm and the nurse said 4:20pm. And we were telling everyone our little bet and times and he's like 4:24...of course I was already pushing. ha ha. Anyway, I pushed her out in two contractions, about 8 pushes. Who knew having a baby could be so fun! ha ha ha ha :) just kidding.
It was emotional trying to pick a name. We struggled. It was more deciding a name we BOTH loved. Most of the names I liked or he liked. So I had been crying 24 hrs straight! We actually came home from the hospital without a name for her. But we have to call the hospital tomorrow to add the name onto the birth certificate.
Aroha means love in Maori. It is also significant to Wade because his father grew up in Te Aroha, New Zealand. You pronounce it kind of like Aloha but the l is a trilled R and you emphasize the first A. That's my American translation to it...haha.
But she's beautiful. I'm doing well and Wade's been a wonderful husband. Constantly at my side when he can. He's been great taking care of the kids at home. And my good friends, the Stoddards have been AMAZING to take on the kids while I've been in the hospital!!! I can't thank them enough. The kids have been fantastic. It's all so new to them and they are doing great. My emotions need to get back to normal. And I hope they know I love them so much. With all my heart!! Here I go...crying again!!! But here we are...a family of four!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What’s this? A blog post?!?

I can’t believe how mediocre I am at updating the blog now. I’ve just got so much on my plate that this is low low priority. Which is quite sad, because quite frankly, I do this for family history! But eventually I’ll start updating better and better. The 3 pics below are from my phone because I’m TOO lazy to go and get the camera and download the pics on the computer! LAZY. So if they’re blurry or whatever, just ignore it.
Let’s see. I don’t even know if I should try and catch up on everything. I have things to write about since last EASTERS. Holy moly. And yes, I said Easters. Nacho Libre, anyone? :)
The baby is growing and growing so I’m getting fatter and fatter. Yippeee. Is it June 4th, yet? Seriously? This pregnancy has gone by SO fast until Jan 16. That’s when we found out what we were having…and now, I seriously think that February (which, you know the shortest month ever!!) is crawling. What the heck?! Come on people! Let’s get this thing going!  We don’t have a name yet…but we are narrowing it down. I think there are 6 or 7 on our list but truthfully, there are 2 maybe 3 that are consistently talked about. I have one specific name in mind but Wade is the one unsure. Actually, I’ve got one but there’s a close 2nd. Ahhh. Naming the baby is the hardest!  I’m still learning Tahitian dancing. It’s a lot of fun. And holy cow, I’m uncoordinated and I dance like a white person. But oh well. It’s so worth it!!! I’m also teaching piano. I’ve got 3 students, and I’m adding another one in March! So fun! They are all so talented and excited for them to learn.
Wade is still the bishop. I know, shocker. hahahaha. Does so much for our little family.
Charlotte! She is doing so WELL in school! I’m so proud of her. She is reading! Yes, she is! And not only is she reading, but her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Roghaar, says she’s up there with the advanced group. She’s in the group D books which means the next level is called RED level which is what 1st graders are reading. And that’s our goal to get Charlotte doing before school ends in May. She LOVES school. This is also her last year at Sound Beginnings. She’s been in the preschool since it formed in 2007 and now she will graduate from there! You will be amazed at how much she says. She’ll talk your ear off. And I love that! And I just started teaching her piano. I guess technically she’s my 5th student. It’s going SLOW. And I’m purposely going slow. She’s quite young to start but she’s really eager to learn so might as well work on it. She also is taking Hula and LOOOOVES it. I know she wants to take ballet but I don't know where to find a cheap, community class just so she can enjoy it. Any Loganites  know?? :)

Here's Jack, trying on a suit coat at Walmart. Found an incredible deal online instead. But he sure looks handsome! Even with that funny face ;)

Jack! Oh Jack! He’s a crack up. :) He is still in the awful 3’s right now (which isn't as bad as it used to be), but he is such a fun boy to be around.  He’s so SWEET and KIND and trying to help. And he says the funniest things. The other day he told me the baby’s in my bones. And instead of “motorbike” or “motorcycle” it’s a noodlebike. Oh and if you’re in walmart, he’ll say “WAAAAIT a minute!!!! Hey mom, wait!! Looooook at this!!” and it’s a completely random thing. And he does it every 2 feet. It’s quite hilarious. Just not at the time. hahaha. He always tells us he loves us. All the time. And Kate is following him in his footsteps with that, even Charlotte! I love hearing the kids tell each other and to us that we love each other. I love this boy! He loves his tools, trucks and balls but he is SO into superhero stuff right now too. Batman, Spiderman are the top ones but any superhero will do. He’s in preschool, and getting closer and closer to reading. Love the reading program they have there.

Kate undressing
(This is Kate who decided to want to change her own diaper next to the bed. She was yelling help help. haha)
Kate! This girl. So beautiful and sweet and cracks me up, too. But man! This girl is Miss Destructo. She’s my only child that writes on walls. And I don’t know how she learned that. In general, ruins things. Thankfully, it’s nothing to stress over…yet! But she climbs on everything. And I mean everything. That’s new to us too. She SCREAMS. HITS. TEMPER TANTRUMS. Plays in the toilet. And it's like every day. We close the doors and try and be on top of it, but just when we let our guard down...SLOSH SLOSH SLOSH. It's SOOOOO gross!!! And we haven’t started the terrible twos. Oh heaven help me. But gives you the best kisses and cuddles. She dances and sings. Totally has rhythm.  Can't wait for her to start hula in a few years.If you say cheeeese, she’ll give you the cheesiest smile!! She sleeps like an angel! If she gets her nap in, she goes to bed at 7sh. Literally wakes up between 8:30-9:30. If she doesn’t get her nap in, she’s in bed abt 6:15-6:30 and still sleeps in that long. She will wake up once a night, but in the last week, she’s only done that once. So thankful for that blessing. And she can speak so well. Her vocabulary is amazing!! I love talking with her.
Ummmm….trying to think of other things….we are just the same ol’ same ol’ around here. So that’s a little recap. Probably too long and boring but like I said, it’s for my family history!!! ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Surprise :)




baby girl #4


Wade and I just found out today we’re expecting a girl for baby #4! I’m due June 4, 2012 and am doing much better than I was in the first trimester.  Worst morning sickness EVER. We thought we’d have a lot of fun with announcing this pregnancy and wait until we found out what we were having. I’m 20 weeks today (baby is showing 20 weeks 3 days but that doesn’t change my due date). Baby girl is healthy. I didn’t gain much weight…yet…I know I’m going to plump up and look like a ginormous hippo soon but that’s why it was a bit “easier” to keep it a secret. I’m not gonna lie, my stomach is popping out and I look pregnant Smile I just am still wearing my normal clothes and am wearing bagging jackets to cover things up to help with the secret…which is now not a secret!

Truthfully, I was about to burst into tears hearing it was a girl. Don’t get me wrong, it’s gonna be fun dressing up the baby and making bows again but I was gutted. Girls are so emotional. And Kate’s been a hard little bugga and Charlotte’s a determined, opinionated, bull headed little girl. I’ve got 2 of them with strong will personalities and I was just needing a boy to hopefully mellow things out. I know babies all have different personalities, etc but girls.are.hard. That’s it. Wade’s pretty excited. It’s still just going to be him and Jack. It’s sinking in about having a girl. And honestly, I’m happy. It’ll be good. I just am needing to get over the initial emotional shock right now!!!