Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Charlotte's 5th Birthday Party

Thank you, Jen for putting this slideshow together and for all the pictures and videos you took!!

Charlotte had her first ever birthday party this past saturday. She was SO excited and happy to have one and has been looking forward to it for weeks! She invited a few friends, mainly from school, to come. She wanted a Tinkerbell party and to dress up (thankfully we already had a tink costume from last Halloween!). Since she had boys come too, we had to think fast! They could come as Lost Boys/Pirates. Phew! So we had fairies and pirates. What a combination :)

It was a lot of work and a BIG THANKS to Jen, Mel and the Stoddards. We wouldn't have been able to throw this party without you!!! Anywho, wewere so happy to throw this party for Charlotte. It was priceless to see her face.

At the party, we colored pictures and made cereal necklaces, passed the parcel, hit a pinata, ate lunch, opened presents and had birthday cake. You can see in the video clip, she is also singing when she is being sung Happy Birthday. We had to sing it twice too!!! I'm so proud of this girl. I can't believe she's 5 years old now. To see where she was and where she is today is a miracle. I love my Missy moo!!

Tinkerbell Cake

Warning: blurry pics below. Sorry for my useless photo taking skills and CAMERA. ARGH. Oh well, you get the gist of the pictures, right?

My favorite thing on the cake were the mini mushrooms. so cute!!

So I haven't blogged for ages. I've got a couple of good excuses. I have a lot to catch up on as well. I think once Charlotte's birthday is over with, I'll definitely start trying to catch up on this blog. But I wanted to share the cake I made for charlotte's birthday party. I'm making another one, but just one tiered, simple cake. You have to have a cake ON your birthday!! She was so cute at her party. It was her first one. I hope she felt good. She deserved it.

She wanted a Tinkerbell Birthday cake for months. I searched on the internet and had ideas in mind on what to do. Oddly, it isn't really what I imagined it (due to lack of flower cutters and my crazy head) but I think it has turned out really awesome. So proud of it.