Friday, December 9, 2011



We redid our downstairs area in a few phases. We always wanted to put in a fireplace but we had to save and save for it. Which helped when the tax refund this past year came in! I like being debit free. We always hated the tile and were so thankful when we put in carpet. Charlotte had a terrible head injury from falling down the stairs and her head stopped her fall on the tile. Seriously people. TILE at the bottom of basement stairs?!


This is what the house looked like when the previous owners lived here.


The reason we finally got onto changing the tile.


The start of the removal of tile. Curses to tile!


This project lead Wade having carbon monoxide poisoning. I had it too but not as bad as Wade.

The dust is settling in the picture too. That’s why it’s cloudy.


It’s ready for carpet and paint.


There’s nothing like the fresh smell of new carpet. Smile



The result! Wade and my dad did a fabulous job! Wade put in all the recessed lighting too!


It’s now all full of books and the fireplace has been making the downstairs so nice and cozy warm!