Monday, May 9, 2011

Kate stats!

The injury above Kate's eye happened in the bath. her eye caught the edge of the bath instead of her hands. Sad sad sad. :(

We had Kate's well child visit last Thursday, Cinco de Mayo! Ole!
Had her shots :(
But here are her stats:
Weight: 21 lbs 12 oz (59%)
Height: 31 cm (94%)
Still a tall and not too chubby girl!
She is signing eat, more and hot so far. Picking it up much faster. Screams when I put her in the cart or by herself in the stroller. Enjoys her new car seat! Still far from walking. Just needs her confidence I think. Loves to cruise everywhere so she's close but still far away. Loves loves loves baths and anything that involves splashing. Even if it's a dumped out Capri Sun... :/
Love her MORE AND MORE each day. Becoming such a happier baby.
Has 5 teeth and we didn't realize when she got her new one. YAY!
Just battled sinus infections, pink eyes, fever and sore throats with her. Phew. Here's to more healthy days!

Kate's 1st Birthday!

We had so much fun with Kate on her birthday. I really think she had fun too. And I know the kids loved having a birthday and Easter to celebrate all on one day! It was fun to have things going all day for Kate because it wouldn't have been as fun if it was just a regular old Sunday.

Just woke up on her birthday! Hello, sleepy head :)

Looking at her cake for the first time.

Enjoying unwrapping presents. Well, sort of. Charlotte and Jack helped open them. She got Elefun, a frog swimming pool, an outfit, bath toys, money from Grandma and Grandpa Chandler and money for a carseat from Ma and Grandpa Ardern.

I put her hair up all the time. This is the look she prefers...the rooster look after she pulls the tie out.
She was all smiles at the candle! Just about to sing happy birthday to her :)

Blowing out the candles.

Just starting to smash the cake. I had high hopes for her. And it seemed a bit disappointing in the demolishing of the cake but after a long long time in the high chair....

This is the result of patience! ha ha. Two baths later, she was all clean and ready for bed. Whew. What a fun day!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kate's Birthday Cake

Kate's birthday happened to fall on Easter this year! Crazy how that happened. I made her cake and did Easter "things" til 3:30am that morning. The night before wasn't too bad...just up til 1:30am. I made everything on the cake and I'm calling it a disaster:

Let's just say it was late, I messed up the 2nd batch of white fondant (I was too tired to drive to walmart to get more marshmallows. Plus it was sunday and I didn't want to buy anything on sunday. Even though it was 2am at the time) and it snowballed from there. I don't like the white fondant on top but that's all I had enough of. If you cross your eyes and look at the cake...looks okay, right? Okay. That's all. Keep your critiques to yourself! It definitely was an off cake day. I was going to make a decorative cupcake under the #1 but I just ran out of time. And was sooo tired. I wanted little polka dots on the one too. I wanted the theme to be polka dots and cupcakes (you know, cupkate...). The thought's there, right?!

I decided to make a chocolate cake for both layers. Chocolate, raspberry filling, ganache and then the other filling was chocolate buttercream. And between those two fillings: brownies. Yep cake AND brownies. Strange you might say? Of course. But here's where I got the idea: go to Salt Cake City Blog and look at all the FLAVORS you can do!!!! So I went for a crazy tasting cake!! You could taste the brownie but it definitely wasn't overpowering. In fact, unless you knew I put it in there, I don't think you would've noticed. :)