Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chandler Family Reunion, August 2011

We had our Chandler Family Reunion, Aug 8-12, 2011 in Eden, Utah. It was my parents, my siblings and all the grandchildren. My brother, Steve, wasn't able to come and he has two little girls- Hayley and Danika. We wished they could have come!

Eden is such a beautiful place and amazingly, we fit 27 people in ONE house. The house was HUGE. Thanks to Jason, my brother in law, his dad let us use this 7 bedroom, 2 kitchen, 3 1/2 bathroom, movie theater, game room, fully furnished house for free. How kind of his family. We are so very grateful. And we were also able to use their wave runners too.

With all us in one house, not one dramatic fight broke out! ha ha. We had a lot of fun. We went on hikes and played at the lake for 3 days. Ate good food and had good laughs. Cousins bonding got even more tighter. We had celebrated my mom's 65th birthday on August 10th and hope she had a good day. That night, we also had a fun talent show. Almost everyone did something! From dancing, to singing, to comedy, to violins! So fun. I'm so glad we got together. And I hope that we do this again a lot sooner than every 5 years.
Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandies...minus Hayley and Danika of course :(
Jack and Uncle Dave

Mike, Dad, Dave-Top row Becky, Rachel, Mom and me-Bottom row.

This picture cracks me up!

 This is the cake my mom wanted and designed! Except the bottom tier was to be quilted with small polka dots but it wasn't turning out. It was the middle of the night and I had to change it. ha ha. bottom cake was chocolate with chocolate frosting with reese's peanut butter caups and peanut butter frosting and top was a white cake with chocolate frosting and mint frosting.

This is Madison. She's the oldest grandchild. She's 16! And she was performing an incredible classical piece. Her family is so talented in music. Loved it.
Jack about to get on the wave runner!

My most favorite picture. My parents are so cute in this picture.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Well, I'm going to start updating the blog again (as far back as Easter. GASP!). But, I'm able to have time to do it now that school is in and I'm excited! The internet and computer make it difficult to do it still but that won't stop me! So it might be a bit boring or whatever but I need to catch up before I give up!