Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm going to kill blogger

Blogger is so ridiculous. I published a post about Kate and I'm crying because it doesn't have half of the pictures and journal I wrote about her. I hate blogger and I hate our INTERNET. It's SO SLOW. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. ajsdfkl;ajdklajsd;fjakl;sdfk

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Here are a lot of photos of Charlotte since May! And a peek at what we did during the summer :)

Mother's Day Luncheon at her school:

 End of year program! She was a doctor and it was also a Luau theme. She was actually really sick and we went to the dr and she had a sinus infection. She was not happy and cried but she still kept going strong in her performanes. She sang Pearly Shells really well too. I wish my videos could work!
Luke and Charlotte. Luke is THE cutest little boy. He's an amazing boy and has the most darling voice. I know that sounds weird but when you have a child with hearing loss, there's something about voices. And his melts my heart. Creepy. hahahaha. BUT I really love how he talks!! And he and Charlotte are just so cute in class together. 

Getting her certificate for completing preschool for the year.

Just before Charlotte burst into tears :(

Charlotte takes Hula. And on June 11, 2011 she had her first Hula Recital. Here are some of the girls from her class. She loves Hula and looks forward to it every week!

Fourth of July! We had a fun Ward breakfast and kids parade and they decorated their bikes to be in it too!

 Later that night, we did fireworks. Our friends, the Tippets, came up to our house for the holiday and we had a fun fun time!!

 Charlotte went on some wave runners with Uncle Dave! I wouldn't go on them but she did! So proud of her.

First day of Sound Beginnings. It's her last year at the school. Growing up too fast, I think!

FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!!!! Kindergarten started later than Sound Beginnings. I can't believe she's old enough to go to kindy. And she LOVES it.

 FIRST HAIRCUT! I have more pics of the process, but she was in her birthday suit and didn't want it posted on the blog. I cut 6 inches. Can you believe it?! It was getting scraggly but most important it was so long it kept getting in the toilet. I was sad to have to cut it but it looks so healthy now. :)