Monday, January 16, 2012

Surprise :)




baby girl #4


Wade and I just found out today we’re expecting a girl for baby #4! I’m due June 4, 2012 and am doing much better than I was in the first trimester.  Worst morning sickness EVER. We thought we’d have a lot of fun with announcing this pregnancy and wait until we found out what we were having. I’m 20 weeks today (baby is showing 20 weeks 3 days but that doesn’t change my due date). Baby girl is healthy. I didn’t gain much weight…yet…I know I’m going to plump up and look like a ginormous hippo soon but that’s why it was a bit “easier” to keep it a secret. I’m not gonna lie, my stomach is popping out and I look pregnant Smile I just am still wearing my normal clothes and am wearing bagging jackets to cover things up to help with the secret…which is now not a secret!

Truthfully, I was about to burst into tears hearing it was a girl. Don’t get me wrong, it’s gonna be fun dressing up the baby and making bows again but I was gutted. Girls are so emotional. And Kate’s been a hard little bugga and Charlotte’s a determined, opinionated, bull headed little girl. I’ve got 2 of them with strong will personalities and I was just needing a boy to hopefully mellow things out. I know babies all have different personalities, etc but girls.are.hard. That’s it. Wade’s pretty excited. It’s still just going to be him and Jack. It’s sinking in about having a girl. And honestly, I’m happy. It’ll be good. I just am needing to get over the initial emotional shock right now!!!