Friday, January 30, 2015


Love these kids!!!! I love when they play together. In boxes. And giggle. Best ever.

Easter 2014

Just a few pictures on Easter Sunday!!! My kids are my life. I love them!!!

Charlotte got baptized!

What's this? It's been 3 years since I've posted?!?! LOLOL. Well. It's been a long time but I'm going to try and be better...Maybe with a better computer? I guess my goal should be, "Make a blog post in under 3 years" Shame.

Charlotte was baptized November 2, 1013. So, it's been 15 months. But it was such a fabulous day!!! Grandma and Grandpa Chandler came out, along with uncles, aunties, cousins and friends! She was so eager to be baptized. There were probably 10 kids that day. There were a lot! Our ward was set to go first. Charlotte was nervous, so the other boy in the ward got baptized instead.
And then it was Charlotte's turn.
Quite the ordeal. She was terrified. We knew she was scared and nervous but she had such a desire to be baptized.
It took her 90 minutes or so to finally get baptized. After a long time, we got her out of the water (she only went in to the bottom step) so that the rest of the kids could get baptized. She watched the kids. We said prayers, we sang hymns, in the back, we had fights, bribes, hugs, tears, laughter. Just a huge smorgesboard of emotions. 
She was terrified of going under. 
But in the end, we got her to come out of the dressing room. And then into the water. We said let's just say the prayer. She got to that point. And since she has implants, we ripped them off as soon as wade said the baptismal prayer, and then.  Wade literally dunked her. Completely. Seeing her face full of JOY was priceless. She hugged Wade and thanked him. Of course we all cried and cheered. 
So proud of her choice to be baptized and to overcome her fear for this one moment. So thankful for this amazing girl to be part of our family.
Then, of course, off to the house for a feed!!! (I'll have to find those! lol.)
And sadly, no family photos of all of us together. Can someone please remind me to do that!? argh. Sad. But that's okay.