Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Charlotte’s Birthday PARTY!

We decided to actually throw Charlotte a party. It was such a production the year before we thought, oh let’s wait until she’s 8…you know the big event type of birthday. Then we thought, well there’s only a few years where she’ll get or even want to have one, so let’s just do it. And it turned out to be easy going and not too stressful.
We did it the Saturday after her real birthday and that was nice. I kept it simple, of course stayed with the Minnie Mouse theme but made cupcakes and bought Little Caesar’s 5 buck pizza! I hope they had fun, cause it sure seemed like they did.
I made this pinata! I did! If you want to make one too, here’s the LINK.
All the kiddos!
Playing pass the parcel! Always a big hit Smile
I think all the kids had a hundred turns trying to break this thing apart. I guess I did a really good job. Winking smile

Lisa and Kate. Lisa is the bestest person ever! Always takes care of us and the kids. Especially at church. But she and her family are dear friends. I swear she gave Charlotte the biggest present in America.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Charlotte’s 6th Birthday

If you didn’t know it was Charlotte’s birthday, I’d be so surprised (but it was October 25th…late post :/ ). I’ve never seen anyone so excited for a birthday! She would keep singing Happy Birthday to ME. Happy birthday to Charlotte! haha. And it would get more and more intense each day it got closer to her birthday. It was a lot of fun.



Charlotte LOVES Minnie Mouse and wanted a Minnie Mouse themed cake and party.

IMG_3210 - Copy

She went to school, which is the best thing ever to her, and I brought cupcakes and apple juice for snack at Sound Beginnings. And then I went back to Kindergarten for the last 15 minutes so we could spotlight her with a VIP poster. And we handed out treats to her classmates too. Then we came home, talked to Ma and Grandpa. Opened her new booster car seat from them. And then all she wanted to do was unwrap presents like crazy. Then we went to the Pizza Pie Café for dinner, off to the Pumpkin Walk (more like pumpkin run. It was freezing) and then home for birthday cake and ice-cream. Then she got to pick out a movie and we had movie-theater and then off to bed. It was a fun, good day. I love you, Charlotte.



The pictures above are just before she opened her present from Ma and Grandpa.


She has desperately wanted a big girl car seat since school started. And she barely makes the requirements (which usually a 3 year old weighs) and I’m a bit nervous but she looks oh so grown up in the car now.


She was so silly opening her presents. haha



Kate playing with Charlotte’s new soccer ball. Which she has wanted since Jack took soccer in September!


Sporting her new pjs.



I had to put this last one in. Notice Jack??? hahaha. SO CUTE!


Live Writer

So my woes with blogger have come to an end. And it’s only because of Crystal Mann. Wade’s sister. Oh she’s amazing. I can’t thank you enough! Maybe, just MAYBE I’ll get caught up. cough cough, yeah right. But at least I THINK I can! If you wanna have less crazy spasm temper tantrums at your computer, get Windows Live Writer. And thank Crystal all at the same time.

Christmas Spirit

I definitely have been feeling the Christmas Spirit. Like BEFORE HALLOWEEN. I usually am scrooge until Thanksgiving. But even though my house is decorated after, I still have a hard time getting the Christmas Spirit ON. But last year I felt it right before Thanksgiving and this year. Holy Moly! I love it. I made the kids listen to Christmas music in the car ON Halloween. And I’m not ashamed. I am getting SOO excited. I love this time of year. And because it’s a good thing, having more peace in the home, what’s wrong with having it early? It just means my house feels more Christmasy than yours, so THERE. Just kidding. I’m just so excited! So I’m already decorating my blog with Christmas.

And Crystal, I’m trying out Live Writer. I’m hoping it’s way better…here it goes…



Holy Moly PEOPLE! I just clicked on a picture. And there it was! Crystal, you are a genius!