Monday, January 16, 2012

Surprise :)




baby girl #4


Wade and I just found out today we’re expecting a girl for baby #4! I’m due June 4, 2012 and am doing much better than I was in the first trimester.  Worst morning sickness EVER. We thought we’d have a lot of fun with announcing this pregnancy and wait until we found out what we were having. I’m 20 weeks today (baby is showing 20 weeks 3 days but that doesn’t change my due date). Baby girl is healthy. I didn’t gain much weight…yet…I know I’m going to plump up and look like a ginormous hippo soon but that’s why it was a bit “easier” to keep it a secret. I’m not gonna lie, my stomach is popping out and I look pregnant Smile I just am still wearing my normal clothes and am wearing bagging jackets to cover things up to help with the secret…which is now not a secret!

Truthfully, I was about to burst into tears hearing it was a girl. Don’t get me wrong, it’s gonna be fun dressing up the baby and making bows again but I was gutted. Girls are so emotional. And Kate’s been a hard little bugga and Charlotte’s a determined, opinionated, bull headed little girl. I’ve got 2 of them with strong will personalities and I was just needing a boy to hopefully mellow things out. I know babies all have different personalities, etc but girls.are.hard. That’s it. Wade’s pretty excited. It’s still just going to be him and Jack. It’s sinking in about having a girl. And honestly, I’m happy. It’ll be good. I just am needing to get over the initial emotional shock right now!!!


Becky said...

I agree, girls are much harder than boys. Which is hard for me to admit because I am a girl. :) But my little girl seems a little bit crazy sometimes.

Lora said...

Congratulations and oh my heck you hid that well! I'm excited for you and super sorry that you have been sick. boo.

Kendra said...

I am so excited for you! I know what you mean on the three girl thing! I am there and I am doig it...I bet you will be great at it too! Good luck and I can't wait to see pictures of your cute new edition! June will be here faster tahn you think!

Devin & Nikki Choules said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You make such cute girls! Lets be honest.. all of your kids are cute. Congrats! And June 4th is a great day to be born. That's my birthday!

mom said...

Think of all the fun you'll have doing her hair, too!! And I think it is good for a girl to be strong because it helps her later in life!
Jack will have a big supply of potential girlfriends, too, with his sisters' friends!! :-)

kat said...


Jenn said...

How Exciting JEss!! Congrats to you and Wade, sure miss ya!

Eric and Jenny said...


I can't even believe this, first of all sorry I am so behind in blog reading. And second I had no idea and I can't believe you did not say anything this week!

Congratulations! What's the matter with me Kate and Katelynn are the same age and I can't even fathom having another right now. Wonder mom is what you are.

She will be so darling, I just loves those kids of yours. Oh and I hope you don't think I meant it was tricky watching Kate this week. Please that's been the only fun thing this week, I get the biggest kick out of watching those two girls together, so cute. She is never any trouble, promise I love having her around!

Jenny Axford Cook said...

I am so excited for you! Your kids are adorable and they will LOVE having another little one to play with. Congrats!!

bontovi said...

Congrats guys!!!! Girls are so much fun!!! We love you.

Dionne said...

Well, congratulations Arderns! You make beautiful girls, might as well have another one ;) Maybe a harder pregnancy will mean an easier baby? It was true for me, anyway. . . I'm excited for you. I do have to admit, though. Your quote, "I was just needing a boy to hopefully mellow things out" made me smile -- I don't have that kind of boy in my house! Lucky Momma!

One more thing. We read a study that said while boys tend to take away from the length of a mother's life, girls add to it :)

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